Kosher Food Certification
About the KIR:

Qualified, confidential, and reliable,
KIR is your trusted partner in industrial kosher certification.

The Badatz Igud Rabbonim KIR is one of the largest Kosher Certification organisations in Europe today.  The KIR is recognised as a Mehadrin hechsher and is universally accepted for the highest standards in the Kashrus industry. The KIR certification department certifies products all over the world and utilises the services of experts in the field of kashrut and food production technology.

Who are these personalities?

Rav Westheim: Was nearly 20 years Dayan at the Manchester Beth Din. He was the director of the Kashrus department. He is currently regarded as one of the great European Rabbinical figures. He is one of the most respected and knowledgeable Dayonim in the Food Industry. His mastering of the Laws of Kashrus enables him after thoroughly analysing the technical data, to propose the best solution in compliance with the requirements of a flawless standard of Kashrut. He is already well-known on the American continent especially in the sweets and candy industry. The industrial products carrying his signature actually profit from his international reputation even within the most demanding orthodox communities.
To give some examples of this competence, Rav Westheim as a director of the Kashrus of the Manchester Beth Din, after long years of work and research, achieved kosher accreditation for a number of products of the Kellogg's company. Other multinationals like Proctor & Gamble, Cargill, Heinz, Arcor, Camille Bloch, Elite and BP Chemicals among others have come to rely on his expertise and professional skill.

Rav Crémisi: is a Talmudical scholar and expert in the Rabbinical legislation. He resides in suburban Paris. He writes extensively on Jewish Law and answers the questions of the general public. He is very knowledgeable in the field of the ritual slaughter. His expertise contributed to the setup by KIR of the largest organization of Shechito in Europe. For this purpose, KIR works together with many orthodox communities e.g. the one of the Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Joseph Sitruk, and Rav Mordechai Gross.

To coordinate these activities and competences within one Kashrus or Kashrut organization is
Rabbi Danny Moore  the Executive Director. His great expertise in connection with Kosher industrial production is supported by more than twelve years of practice in the field. He worked for the London Beth Din as Certification Manager and prior to that at Kedassia and is highly skilled in successfully implementing a high standard Kosher certification scheme.
He is intimately involved in all aspects of the certification process. Proceeding very professionally, he is offering KIR Customers a partnership which will enable the manufacturer to achieve the greatest value added for a product carrying the KIR label and that the product meet the strictest requirements of the orthodox communities.

Our Goals:
Kashrut - Orthodox Union Kosher Symbol 1.) To help you to increase and develop your sales thanks to our Kosher label. 2.) To listen to your needs and to meet your requests throughout all our partnership. That implies responsiveness and answering your queries on short notice. At the technical level, a team of professionals speaking your language and which will be able to understand you and address efficiently any issues concerning a product or one of its ingredients.
3.) To help you find solutions. We are assisted by experts in the field of food production who will be able to answer any questions regarding the chemistry or the technology of the ingredients. At the technical level, a team of professionals speaking your language who will be able to understand you and efficiently address any issues concerning a product or one of its ingredients.
4.) To provide you with the most adequate working partner for the product you wish to certify. Indeed, our employees handle a variety of challenging opportunities and are trained in food technologies, each one in its field.
5.) To avoid heavy bureaucracy. Our infrastructure is reduced to its most basic role of providing connectivity with the most productive elements. This makes it possible to provide you a service at a very reasonable price while preserving the excellence of our Kosher certification service.

The Badatz Igud Rabbonim Kosher certification headed by Rabbi Westheim is here to help the professionals of the food industry who are researching the worldwide markets to increase your sales.

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